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Recent Reviews

"It made me hopeful that I could reach my goals that I have not done so far. I am going to use my Goal Planner!"

"Good topic...Thank you for coming and getting the program started!

"Kudos for not being excessively forceful and hyper like a typical motivational speaker."

"Outstanding presentation! It inspired me to plan to get out of the Army and pursue my dreams. But to have goals and start small.

"Everything you did was a part of your topic, from the opener, to the stories, to the activity the class did."

"You do a great job of pulling people in. Dynamic! You have a great speaking voice and presence"

"The presentation provides great insights of the Ziglar approach to achieve goals, and become successful in life "

"Enthusiasm and positive energy coupled with knowledge  "

"Philip is a highly energetic, joyful, and entertaining speaker who connects with his audience and obviously enjoys what he does.  "

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